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Bead Mill

Bead Mill

Bead Mill Description

Vertical Bead Mill

Vertical Bead mills are dispersion processing machines that reduce the size of solid particles (pigments, fillers) and finely scatter them in a liquid condition. Small ceramic, glass, or metal beads are moved inside the Bead mill chamber to help reduce particle size through impact, and energy input when grinding is pumped through the mill.

Bead grinding is the most effective method for processing microscopic particles in the sub-micron or even nanometer size range. A variety of designs exists to match the grinding of different viscosities, physical properties, and targeted particle sizes. Depending on the design of the machine, the machine can operate in separate passes or continuous operation.

Vertical Bead Mill is a small laboratory as well as industrial machine is perfect for grinding and dispersing materials into small particles. The mill uses batch type grinding method, so it is best suited for wet grinding with three corresponding sentences of premixing. Grinding and dispersing can be done simultaneously on this machine. 

Bead Mill Salient Features

Bead Mill
  • Vertical bead mill equipped with self-adjusting slit valve for bead separation and mechanism that detects changes in internal pressure, corresponding to the resistance of the slurry flow in the slit gap, and automatically adjusts the slit gap in response to the pressure change.
  • Clogging and leakage of slit beads are prevented by this mechanism, resulting in long-lasting stable operation. Fixed-type slit dividers, on the other hand, are more likely to be trapped by coarse particles or beads.
  • It is mainly applied to grind final size particles of sub microns using beads of 0.8 to 3 mm up to ten micrometres. In addition, this can process extremely viscous slurries up to 10,000 mPa.

Principles of Bead Mill

Wet bead mills employ a system to produce fine particles in liquid. As the minute beads inside are agitated at high speed, the machines are capable of producing particles down to the nano size.

There are three types of wet bead mill operations: circulation, pass, and batch operations. Ashizawa Finetech applies operation types according to the purpose of the products.

Bead Mill Applications

  • Grinding Abrasive, Metal Oxide, Mineral Powder, Organic Pigments, Foods, Medicinal Nano Powders, etc.
  • Finely grind hundreds of foods in a few micrometres Grinding of a few micrometres of barium titanate to 500 nm Grind printing pigments from a few micrometres to 500 nm Finely grind a few micrometres of medicinal powder to 200 nm

BM 20 20 11 1320 150-400 100
BM 40 40 18.5 1020 300-700 1500
BM 80 80 30 830 500-1200 2000

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