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Pigment Paste Sigma Kneader

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Pigment Paste making Sigma Kneading Mixer machine/1000L Z Arm Kneader from Ahmedabad, India

pigment paste sigma mixer
Pigment Paste making Sigma Kneading Mixer machine/1000L Z Arm Kneader from Ahmedabad, India


brief Introduction:

Double Sigma blade Mixer, it is a multi-functional equipment combining kneading, mixing,heating, vulanizing and polymerizing.

Specially suitable to process High Viscosity and Elastoplastic materials.

Working Principle:

It's working principle is the two "Σ" shape blade: One blade with higher speed usually 33 RPM, the other is slower about 25 RPM, using speed difference to generate a strong shearing force, making the mixture quickly be sheared and evenly mixed.

Different Varity:

According to the different unloading methods : Hydraulic tilt Type; Screw Extruding Type & Bottom valve Type

Depending on the production process: Ordinary type and Vacuum type.

Structure Composition:

This is a " Screw extruding" type, that composed of: ** Kneading part ( double sigma blade + mixing chamber), ** Frame part, ** Hydraulic system (used for Opening/Closing lid), ** Driving system (motor, gears and reducer etc) , ** Extruding part ( used for discharging): screw extruder + screw tube; ** Electric control system. Application Area: It can be widely used in Silicone Resins, Sealant, Silicon rubber, Silica gel, Hotmelt adhesive, BMC/CMC, Pigment paste, Thermal plastics, Bubble gum, dough, chewing gum, soft candy, cheese, Toothpaste, Batteries, Glass cement etc

Pigment Paste Sigma Kneader has Excellent for kneading and mixing of highly viscous materials like dough, putty, rubber solutions, adhesives, polymers etc. The mixing action is a combination of smearing, stretching, folding, dividing and recombining as the material is processed between the sigma blades and the container walls. Jacket arrangement is provided for heating or cooling application. In bigger models the container is tilted by a hydraulic cylinder to ensure complete discharge of mass.

Sigma Mixer, Capacity: 5 Liter To 1000 Liter.

Sigma Mixer Kneader is widely uses for mixing polyester putty, rubber solution, biscuit dough, sauce, polymers etc.

Salient Features

  • Available in Stainless Steel 316, Stainless Steel 304 and Mild Steel materials.
  • Stainless Steel polish to matt & mirror finish as per customer's requirements.
  • Mild Steel finish with one coat of red oxide and two coats of epoxy paint.
  • Discharge option of hand wheel operated (manual) or hydraulic operated (automatic) offered.
  • Jacket for heating or cooling application can be offered.
  • Mineral wool insulation with cladding on jacket.
  • Tangential designed 'Z' blades offered for uniform mixing.
  • PTFE made shaft sealing provided for food grade compatibility.
  • Minimum gap between trough inner shell & blades remove possibility of sticking product.
  • On demand Spray system, vacuum system

Optional Features/Accessories

  • Liquid Spray System
  • Vacuum System
  • Blades Cooling Arrangement
  • Screw System
  • Automatic Valve Discharge System

Technical Specification

Model Capacity – Litres Motor (H.P.)
Working Capacity Gross Capacity General Heavy Duty
ASM – 50 50 80 5 H.P. 7.5 H.P.
ASM – 75 75 110 7.5 H.P. 10 H.P.
ASM – 100 100 150 10 H.P. 15 H.P.
ASM – 150 150 200 15 H.P. 20 H.P.
ASM – 200 200 300 20 H.P. 25 H.P.
ASM – 400 400 550 30 H.P. 40 H.P.
ASM – 500 500 750 40 H.P. 50 H.P.
ASM – 750 750 1150 50 H.P. 60 H.P.
ASM – 1000 1000 1500 60 H.P. 70 H.P.
ASM – 1500 1500 2100 75 H.P. 80 H.P.
ASM – 2000 2000 2600 80 H.P. 90 H.P.
ASM – 3000 3000 3800 100 H.P. 120 H.P.


* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer's domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.

Food Machinery: Planetary Stirring cooking pot; Jacketed cooking pot etc

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